In my first post I said that I didn’t believe in FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early). Folks that really retire early (in the classic sense of not working anymore) probably don’t have the drive to get the FI part done.

What you find in the FIRE world is a lot of “retired” folks diligently working on their side hustles, managing property, writing books and building their FIRE site. Which is great but it ain’t retired.

So FI doesn’t equal Retire Early, instead FI Equals Freedom (FIEF) to do what you want…which is even better! This isn’t some new concept even within the FIRE community. The Retire Early is what folks focus on but it’s really the Financial Independence part that’s important. Even the term FIEF appeared in a list of alternative acronyms. I work for NASA so we do loooove acronyms. And I like FIEF because the way to FI is to build yourself a little financial fiefdom that generates the money that allows you to do what you want instead of what you need to do.

Feudal Fiefdom vs Modern FIEFdom

In a feudal system you were granted land to support your lifestyle, either as a reward or in exchange for service (as say a Knight). Serfs would work the land so you could pursue other endeavors, whether that was art or politics or the ability to ride a horse and swing a sword. The land was often hereditary and passed from generation to generation (more on this in another post).

In a modern FIEFdom we replace serfs with money…and using the adage of using money to make more money. That’s the whole passive income gig and the path to financial independence. You don’t necessarily stop “working” but you do get to do whatever you might want to do instead of grinding a 9 to 5 career…including spending your time learning how to ride a horse, swing a sword and working at Renaissance Festivals as a career.

So not only do we have a four letter acronym that spells a real word but we have a corny slogan to use (“building your financial FIEFdom!”).


Author’s Note: It’s probably very obvious at this point that the site is rather unpolished. I prefer to say that it’s a “soft launch” since there is no SEO, graphics, logos and any attempt to drive any traffic here. I’m creating content for the real launch and the content that’s here is subject to editing, rearranging and even deletion. If by some miracle you found this site, well, welcome and pardon the dust…


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